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May 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the most common questions/requests I have heard from CIOs over the last decade – ever since the first mobile data devices showed up in 1999 – was how can you convert an app designed for a 17 inch screen to one designed for a 3 inch screen?

I spent 7 years trying to solve that problem with my first startup РEverypath. We were pioneers in software in a category now called MEAPs. There were  more than  75 other companies in the space at that time. We all came up with different tools and models to help people build mobile applications for the new form factors/new devices. Some of those companies still exist РAntenna Software, Syclo (acquired by SAP), etc. The new MEAP platforms provide good tools to build apps for different devices and different form factors. More on MEAPs in a future post.

There were a few companies that claimed that they could automatically convert apps into the smaller form factors. But the user experience of the converted applications were less than desirable. This isn’t surprising. Most good user experience is achieved through a result of careful understanding of the problems one is trying to solve, design-centric thinking, user experience research, and experimentation.

There is no good automatic solution. So to all those folks in IT looking for a silver bullet to help them with their form factor problems: there isn’t one. If you need to target a specific form factor and create an optimal user experience, you will have to use one of the MEAPs to build a new app!

No shortcuts. Unfortunately.

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