Tablets will become the primary Enterprise “desktop”

May 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

Frank Gillett at Forrester Research has a compelling prediction: “Why tablets will become our primary computing device?” (

I agree. One of the big reasons I think this will happen is form factor. Frank Gillet has talked about a few other reasons and all of them make sense.

Form factor is a serious challenge as enterprise IT considers how it will mobilize its applications. Most apps will have to be re-written by corporate IT or the ISVs for the smart phone form factor in order to make it truly usable for the enterprise end user.  I have talked about why this isn’t easy in a previous post.

Tablets don’t have the form factor problem. An application designed for a 17 inch screen renders reasonably well for a 9 inch one. Most web sites are  easily navigated on a tablet. The user experience can be improved to incorporate more touch friendly features, but the applications are usable as they are already.

This makes enterprise IT’s life simpler. They can extend their apps out to tablets, either using a browser or a solution like desktop virtualization, and they can do it all now!

I predict that by 2015, Windows tablets will be a strong #2 in the Enterprise!

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